Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Insect House???

Now if anyone can tell us what this is that would solve a mystery. This is being built on a shed we have out at our industrial lot. It started out with a short tube but now the tube has gotten quite long. I have yet to see anything crawl in it however Hubby did seem something black which he thought might be a hornet.
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New Light


Mel hung our new light in the front foyer. The picture is not too good as the pine was causing some glare issues but I really like it and think it suites our Cape Cod home.
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My outdoor pots are all doing well. We even have eaten some of the tiny tomatoes already. I love my red daisies and wish I had planted more of them. So far the deer have not come close to the deck and done any taste testing.
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More Mennonite Food



Another of the Mennonite food groups that I made this week are Rollkuchen. These are made with a flour, egg, baking powder and cream base. This is rolled out and cut into shapes. The shapes then have slits in them. They are then deep fried and can be either done crisp or soft. I prefer soft and fluffy. They were traditionally served with watermelon as a complete meal. Any leftover Rollkuchen could be eaten with jam or Rogers Golden Syrup. Yum Yum!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mennonite Food

Hubby and I are both of Mennonite German heritage so this week we have eaten some of our favourite Mennonite foods. The above dish is called Pluma Mousse - it is a cold fruit soup. The base is water to which dried fruit is added. Dried apples, raisins, peaches, apricots, plums, currents and pears can be used. It is simmered until the fruit is done. Then a mixture of cornstarch and sugar is added to thicken it. Some people also add a small cherry jello or a can Bing cherries which gives it the pink color. It is usually eaten cold and some whipped cream can be added at the end.

The Mennonites did a lot of moving years and years ago. They imigrated from country to country looking for a place where their tolerance for peace and their religion would be allowed. Every country they lived in had special dishes that were prepared and so the above soup was adapted from the Netherlands.

We usually eat this on a hot summer day and it is served with ham slices and buns.
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